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To My Granddaughter "You owned my heart from the start" Heart Necklace

To My Granddaughter "You owned my heart from the start" Heart Necklace

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Design Interpretation

This necklace comes with three hearts, bigger, medium and the smallest one.The three hearts demonstrate the love between a grandmother, mother and granddaughter.Gift your granddaughter this necklace and remind her that you will always love and support her.Remind her that mother and grandmother will always stand with her through good and bad times.This gift can be a source of inspiration to your granddaughter.

Card Content

To my granddaughter, Long before you were born, you owned a piece of my heart. I loved you from the start.With your eyes that sparkle very bright and your big glowing smile, you always warm my heart.You make my life worthwhile.I hope you know that your mother and I are here for you each and every day.We will stand with you through good and bad ends. I am so proud of you.You shine just like the stars.I will always love that baby girl, and the woman you are now. With love, grandmother

  • This package includes a necklace, greeting card, gift bouquet, gift box, and a gift bag to hold everything in it.
  • Material:
    1. Alloy
    2. Zircon
  • Processing Techniques: Plating
  • Age Demographic: All ages
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