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To My Daughter "You will move upwards" Triangle Opal Ring

To My Daughter "You will move upwards" Triangle Opal Ring

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Design Interpretation

This ring has an upward design. Gift it to your daughter as an inspiration. As the New Year begins, remind her that she will move forward, upwards, and onwards. Let her know that this will be the year she will move ahead and beyond. This ring can serve as an inspirational and encouraging message to your daughter.

Card Content

To my daughter,
As the New Year unfolds, remember; you will move forward, you will move onwards, and yes, you will move upwards.

  • This package includes a ring, greeting card, gift bouquet, gift box, and a gift bag to hold everything in it.
  • Material:
    1. AAAAA Quality Gem Grade Cubic Opal
    2. Ring Arm Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Age Demographic: All ages
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