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"Inner Peace" Adjustable Ring

"Inner Peace" Adjustable Ring

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Design Interpretation

This ring has a curve design with two pillars on both sides. The curve design interprets; the different paths we take in our career life while the two pillars are the people we meet that change our lives forever. Gift this ring to your best friend as an expression of gratitude for being in your life and bringing out the best of you.

Card Content

To my best friend, Although we have different paths in our life, I am lucky to have met you. You always bring out the best in me. I am grateful for having you in my life.

  • Package includes a ring, a greeting card, a gift bouquet, a velvet bag and a VIP card with everlasting coupon code for shopping for your family and friends in the future.
  • Material: Titanium steel
  • Age Demographic: All ages
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