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"Five points into your thoughts" Agate Sprout Ring

"Five points into your thoughts" Agate Sprout Ring

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Design Interpretation

With five encouraging points, this ring is a source of inspiration to your daughter. Remind your daughter the five points she should have in her mind to live positively by gifting this ring. The gift card message will encourage your daughter in her day to day living. Thus, this ring and its gift card message can serve as a source of inspiration to your daughter especially when she is facing life difficulties.

Card Content

To my daughter,

Keep these five points into your thoughts,

• There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.

• Your feeling will never mislead you, always take the bold steps.

• Always find the truth by the way you feel

• It doesn’t matter how good it looks, if it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

• Have the courage to follow your heart

Product Details
  • This package includes a ring, greeting card, gift bouquet, gift box, and a gift bag to hold everything in it.
  • Material:
    1. S925 sterling silver
    2. Agate sprout
  • Processing Techniques: Plating
  • Age Demographic: All ages
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