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"Prayer to Virgin Mary" Virgin Mary Bracelet

"Prayer to Virgin Mary" Virgin Mary Bracelet

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Design Interpretation

This bracelet comes with a Virgin Mary Statue surrounded by several shiny ornaments. It can be your source of inspiration when making a prayer to the Virgin Mary. Wear this bracelet and encourage yourself with the Gift Card message.

Card Content

Holy Virgin Mary, there is none like you among women born in the world. Daughter and handmaid of the heavenly father, the almighty king, mother of our most high Lord Jesus Christ, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us to your most holy son, our lord and the master.

  • This package includes a bracelet, greeting card, gift box, and a gift bag to hold everything in it.
  • Material:
    1. Copper
    2. Zircon
  • Processing Techniques: Plating
  • Age Demographic: All ages
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