Dispute, Return and Order Cancellation

In case you are not content with the package you get and wish to get the dispute opened up, then you may use the following steps listed below:

  1. You can sign in to your account and go to My Account section.
  2. You may click on the button of open a dispute

On this page, you need to jot down the issue that is concerned with your order and offer as much information as you can. The customer service staff will take care of your cases instantly. We recommend you to check your account information in a consistent manner.

Situations in which we do not handle your dispute

Due to the reason that the various products stored in our storages, you have to get in touch with us prior to shipping the products back for the reason of getting the right shipping address and also help in making clear what the issue is with the items.

You need to observe that we cannot carry out the processing of any of the items that are returned with our awareness. In case you want to return any parts of your order, you need to get in touch with the customer first of all and you may send the products back after your confirm them.

You need to keep in mind that you send us the delivery information that includes the shipping method and also the tracking number in just one week’s time after you get complete confirmation of returning your product.